21 creative 360 video ideas for 2021

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In this Gimbal Guru post, I show you 21 creative 360 video ideas for 2021. Get inspired and try them out for yourself. All the Shots you will see now, were created with the Insta360 ONE X2* and ONE R*, which are great 360 cameras! If you are looking for a 360 camera, check out this Gimbal Guru article and get your Insta360 store coupon code to save money.

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1. FPV Shot

The first idea is the “FPV Shot”, which is one of my favorites. Because of the amazing electronic stabilization skills of 360 cameras and the recorded 360 video, it is possible to reframe the video, so that it looks like you are flying a FPV drone. This creative 360 video idea will pimp your videos and amaze your viewers!
In-depth Gimbal Guru FPV tutorial: https://youtu.be/u5cvlfokY8A

2. POV Shot

The second idea is the “POV Shot”. 360 cameras are perfect for creating POV Shots. Because of the 360 sperical video recording you have full control of all your perspective parameters + the electronic image stabilization is stabilizing and balancing your POV Shot automatically. In post-production you are able to change the rotation, the tilting, panning and zoom value or change the view completely to add dynamic movements.
In-depth Gimbal Guru POV tutorial: https://youtu.be/9Qa80bjSW2w

3. Invisible Selfie Stick

Idea number three is the “invisible selfie stick”. If you record a 360 video, it is merged together at least of 2 videos or more. The adding process is called stiching. At this stiching process the selfie stick is removed out of the video. This technology is a huge advantage of 360 cameras and every viewer, who is not familiar with 360 cams will rack their brains how this is possible.
In-depth Gimbal Guru Invisible Selfie Stick tutorial: https://youtu.be/JACyMAeUxaA

4. 360 Orbit Shot

The fourth idea is the 360 Orbit Shot. Take your 360 camera, mount it on the Selfie stick and swing it around your head. Because of the invisible selfie stick and the electronic image stabilization, which leads to a horizontal lock, it looks like a drone is cycling around you. A great 360 video reframing idea which is easy to create. Try it out!
In-depth Gimbal Guru 360 Orbit Shot tutorial: https://youtu.be/72PhyBvHJuo

5. 3rd Person View

The fifth idea it the “3 Person View”. Mount your 360 camera on a teleskop stick and attach it on your body. Then extent the stick and walk around. This effect looks like you playing a Computer Game in the 3 Person view.

6. 360 Timelpase

The sixth idea is the “360 timelapse”. Set up your 360 camera were ever you want and start recording a 360 timelapse video. Now you have the possibility to reframe it and create a motion timelapse. Very easy to create but impressive to watch.
In-depth Gimbal Guru 360 timelapse tutorial: https://youtu.be/m-SG0f2RZYU

7. Dive Shot

Idea number seven is the “Dive Shot”. Mount your 360 camera on a teleskop stick and extend it. To create the “dive shot”, raise the camera above you and then quickly pull it down to the ground. Adjust the reframing parameters in post production, so that the camera points downwards with a minimum zoom value at the beginning. At the end, point forward and increase the zoom value. And the “dive shot” is finished.
In-depth Gimbal Guru Dive Shot tutorial: https://youtu.be/72PhyBvHJuo

8. Hyperlapse

Idea Number eight is the “Hyperlapse”. Walk around with your 360 camera were ever you want and record a video. In post production you can speed up the video and create a hyperlapse. Because of the powerful stabilization skills, you get a smooth hyperlapse video.

9. Tracking Shot

Idea number nine is the “Tracking Shot”. Your 360 camera is filming the whole environment around you, so you have the possibility in post- production to track any object you want. No matter if you want to track a person an object or anything else. The 360 video gives you endless possibilities.
In-depth Gimbal Guru object tracking tutorial: https://youtu.be/JACyMAeUxaA

10. Tiny planet

Idea number ten is the “Tiny world”. This idea is 360 camera sterotyped and very often used. You reach the effect by lowering the zoom value in post-production. You can use the effect when you move around and the environment around you is changing, or when the camera is set up fixed and objects move around the camera.
In-depth Gimbal Guru tiny planet tutorial: https://youtu.be/JACyMAeUxaA

11. Vertigo/ Dolly Zoom Effect

Idea number eleven is the “Vertico” or “dolly Zoom” effect. To reach this effect, walk straight approach an object. In post-production, you have to change the zoom value to create the vertico effect. Very easy, but impressive!

12. 360 lookaround

Idea number twelve is the “360 lookaround”. Hold up your 360 camera or mount it on a pole- Stick and walk around. In post-production you can change the pan angle and create a 360 lookround. This 360 video idea is perfect, if you want to capture the whole environment around you for you viewer.
In-depth Gimbal Guru 360 lookaround tutorial: https://youtu.be/JACyMAeUxaA

13. Split screen 

Idea number thirteen is the “Split screen”. With a 360 camera you are filming the whole area around you. If you want to show the viewer different perspectives at the same time, you can create a split screen. For instance, if you film a video vlog, you can show the viewer the selfie and front perspective.

14. Top-down perspective

Idea number fourteen is the “top down perspective”. Mount your 360 camera on a telescop stick, extend it and walk around. Point the perspective downwards to get the top-down look. Because of the invisible selfie stick, it looks like a drone is following you around.

15. Time Freeze

Idea number fiftheen is the “time freeze” effect. This one is very impressive. Find an interesting moment where you can freeze the time in your video. To do this, just use a still image. Now you can add a motion by changing the perspective with your reframing tool, so it looks like you moving around in the frozen moment. Change the perspective and playback the video to leave.

16. Tilt Shot

Idea number sixtheen is the “tilt” Shot. You can easily reframe your 360 footage and tilt up or down your perspective. This tilt Shot look really cool in some situations.
In-depth Gimbal Guru tilt Shot tutorial: https://youtu.be/JACyMAeUxaA

17. 360 Roll

Idea number seventeen is the “360 Roll”. This reframing idea is very simple. You only have to change the roll parameter. The 360 roll is a great idea to pump up your videos, or to use it for a transition.
In-depth Gimbal Guru 360 roll tutorial: https://youtu.be/JACyMAeUxaA

 18. Inverted Tiny planet

Idea number eighteen is the “inverted tiny world”. This shot is similar to the “tiny planet”, only inverted. With this effect you reach interesting perspectives, so try it out!
In-depth Gimbal Guru inverted tiny planet tutorial: https://youtu.be/JACyMAeUxaA

19. Tiny planet flip

Idea number nineteen is the tiny planet flip. This is a combination of the tiny planet and the inverted tiny planet shot. You start with a tiny planet and switch to a inverted tiny planet by changing the parameters with keyframes.

20. Enter planet shot

Idea number twenty it the “enter planet shot”. Here you simply enter the tiny planet by zooming in. This effect looks really interesting, and it is perfect for starting a video.

21. Grenade Shot

The last 360 video idea is the “grenade shot”. This one is awesome. Take your 360 camera, and throw it in the air. Alternatively, you can use a long telescope stick. In post- production you reframe the video, so that it looks like a greande is exploding.
In-depth Gimbal Guru grenade Shot tutorial: https://youtu.be/92gtgl-CxXU
All the In-depth tutorials for the 360 video ideas and how you create this Shots you find under the pictures. If you are motivated, but don’t have a 360 camera, check out this links and get your Insta360 ONE X2 or ONE R now!

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In my opinion Insta360 cameras are the best on the market right now! Enjoy the full power of 360 cams and unleash your creativitiy. I hope you enjoyed this post, learnd something new and get motivated to try it out yourself. Subsribe to my Gimbal Guru Youtube-Channel for more 360 video ideas, tutorials and camera reviews. I see you in the next video! 

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