【Insta360 coupon codes - JUNE 2021】


You want to buy a new Insta360 camera and save some money? You’re come to the right page! Every month I publish some new Insta360 store coupon codes. Save up to $30!

Please keep in mind the promo codes are limited, those who redeem the coupon codes first benefit from it. If all Insta360 discount codes are already used, please wait for the next month and try your luck again.

 Get your Insta360 coupon code mail 


To redeem the rabatt codes, click on the links below and enter the promo codes at "coupon code"
(only works with the links below)

Insta360 ONE X2:

Insta360 coupon code: 30$ / 27€ voucher
(Applicable to orders over 400$, 360€)

coupon codes:
currently only available via e-mail
fill out the form and receive a coupon code by mail)
Insta360 coupon code: 15$ / 12€ voucher
(Applicable to orders over 200$, 180€)

coupon codes:
currently only available via e-mail
(fill out the form and receive a coupon code by mail)
Insta360 coupon code: 10$ / 9€ voucher
(Applicable to orders over 150$, 135€) 

coupon codes:
out of order
Insta360 coupon code: 5$ / 4€ voucher

coupon codes:

If you haven't caught any Insta360 coupon code, I have a small compensation for you here. If you click below, you get a free GIFT if you order a Insta360 ONE R:

In addition, I publish some discount codes on my Youtube channel “Gimbal Guru” several times a month in the video description on my videos. Subscribe to my channel and stay up to date.

How is it possible that I can provide you with Insta360 Store coupon codes? This is possible because I’m an active user in the Insta360 forum and receive “Insta360 Gold” for my posts. Insta360 Gold is a virtual good you can use to redeem accessories or coupons at the Insta360 Gold Store. You can earn Gold when you make purchases on the Insta360 Store, participate in community challenges and complete daily achievements in the app community and forum. I am also an Insta360 partner and help to test and introduce new cameras and equipment. If you are interested or have any questions check out my account in the insta360 forum and ask me your questions. Here is the link to my account in the Insta360 forum.

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