Hi, I'm glad you clicked on the link and are interested in my software/programs that I use. Here I present you in detail with which programs I work!

Here is the main summary, which I update regularly:

Update 2023: Adobe CC2023

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If you are specifically interested in 360-video video editing software, check this Gimbal Guru article: LINK

Video editing software & more

Generally, there are countless programs and possibilities on the market to edit your videos and photos. Most are certainly looking for a freeware software, where they do not have to pay anything. I was also this attitude for a long time, but have also realized at some point that I will not be happy with it. Freeware programs have the great advantage that they are free, but exactly there the advantages stop. The disadvantages that often have to be accepted are: the software is not stable, few or no updates, limited compatibility of formats...

My Software – Adobe Creative Cloud

Yes I admit it! I am an absolute Adobe fan! As often as the Adobe programs (especially Premiere) are demonized, the more I can only express my encouragement. I have been using the Adobe software for video editing (primarily Premiere Pro & After Effects) for a very long time. My first contact with Adobe Premiere was before the "Creative Suite" series was introduced by Adobe. After that I was with the complete "Creative Suite" series and since 2013 now with the "Creative Cloud". I've been working with it for a very long time, so I'm certainly a bit fixated, but I think the programs are perfect for my needs. Of course, there are critical opinions here and there, which criticize that the programs are partly released too early and therefore do not run stable. I personally had to fight only very rarely with software crashes. As an Adobe fanboy, I can only recommend the entire software range, because I am really convinced of the performance and power.

I will briefly give you an overview of which Adobe programs I primarily use:

Adobe Premiere Pro – The heart

Adobe Premiere is the non-plus-ultra video editing program for me. 90% of my projects are realized with it. Premiere Pro is primarily used for video editing. Over the years many additional functions have been added:

  • Video mask editing (Masking)
  • Intelligent speed adjustment (frame interpolation) 
  • Software video stabilization 
  • Keyframe effect control
  • Professional color grading 
  • Sequence nesting 
  • Professional graphics & title animation (Essential Graphics) 
  • and much more...
If many of these terms don't mean anything to you, no problem...if you really decide to start producing videos, more and more of these terms will come to you and become clear as time goes on. So if you really want to get started, Adobe Premiere is the perfect video editing program for that. Adobe offers you the possibility to test the program in advance for free.

Here you can also get to the Adobe website where you can download Adobe Premiere Pro: *CLICK*

Also perfect for 360-video editing

My absolute favorite 360 video editor again is the Adobe Premiere Pro. 90% of my 360 video projects I cut, edit and reframe with Adobe Premiere Pro in combination with the “GoPro FX Reframe Plugin”.

Adobe Premiere offers you all the necessary tools for 360 degree video editing. Whether you want to create 360 immersive VR videos or reframe 360 videos. Premiere Pro is offering specially developed “immersive video effects” which are designed for editing 360-degree videos.

It is also easily possible to export VR videos, which are then automatically identified as 360 videos. This allows you to upload 360 content on Youtube or Facebook, which is automatically recognized and played back as 360 VR video.

If you want to reframe 360 videos, I recommend you to use the free “GoPro Reframe” Plugin. With this Plugin, you are able to easily reframe your 360° video and create unique perspective and effects. The “GoPro Reframe” Plugin makes it possible to let your creativity run wild. You are able to control all reframing-parameters. The GoPro Reframe Plugin is not limited to GoPro 360 footage, only. It is possible to reframe any 360 video material.

Another thing I really like about Premiere Pro, is the 360° video proxy footage management. Most of the 360° video files are very large, which requires a high performance PC. Proxy files are small preview files with low resolutions, which are perfect substitutes for video editing. In Premiere Pro these proxies can be created with just a few clicks.

Besides editing 360 footage, you can of course use all the classic video editing tools. In summary, Adobe Premiere Pro is my favorite (360) video editing software.

Quality also costs money, this is the reason why the Software is not free. Everyone has to know for themselves, how much a proper editing-tool is worth to them. Because I work with it quite a lot and I’m also convinced of Adobe, I can only positively recommend Premiere Pro to you. The subscription model offers you the possibility to purchase the software for a relatively small amount. It is also possible to test the software before you decide to subscribe.

+ 360-video reframing & 360 VR video editing possible 
+ Best 360 editor Software on the market (my opinion)
+ Many useful 360 video plugins available
+ Suitable for beginners and professionals

- Not free (but a 30 day trial possible)

Follow this link to test or subscribe
to Adobe Premiere Pro:

You can download the “GoPro FX Reframe” Plugin free here.

Adobe After Effects – The perfect partner

Adobe After Effects is a powerful special effects and animation program and is used together with Premiere Pro 99% of the time. Exactly when Premiere reaches its limits, After Effects comes into play. I use After Effects mainly for: Simple animations, video effects which Premiere doesn't offer me, object tracking, video masking and text animations. 

Under the following link you have the possibility to download Adobe After Effects and test it for free: *CLICK*

Unleash the full 360 video potential with Adobe After Effects

If you want to unleash the full 360 video potential, I recommend you to use Adobe After Effects in combination with Adobe Premiere Pro. After Effects is a very powerful special-effects Video Software also for 360 videos. I personally use Adobe After effects for 360 video/ Photo Animations. 360 video animations are the best way to bring your 360 content to the next level. I recommend After Effects + Premiere Pro for the professional 360 video sector.

Follow this link to test the
Adobe Premiere Pro + After Effects Bundle: *CLICK*

Adobe Lightroom – Photo editing deluxe

Adobe Lightroom is a very simple but powerful photo editing program. In simple terms, Lightroom gives you the ability to use sliders to change selected parameters so that you can perfectly adjust your photo to your liking. I use Lightroom in connection with video projects, especially when creating timelapse videos. For me, Lightroom is the perfect photo editing program that allows me to achieve my desired results very quickly and easily.

On the Adobe website you can download Lightroom again and also test it for free: *CLICK*

Offer tips

Adobe has switched from a standalone license to a subscription model with the Creative Cloud. This means that you have to pay a monthly or annual fee if you want to use the programs. There are numerous ways to combine the programs.

For example, there is a photography package where Lightroom and Photoshop can be purchased together: *CLICK*

Unfortunately, there are still no video packages where, for example, Premiere Pro & After Effects can be combined. You can only subscribe to the programs here as individual software..

Therefore I give you the following tip:

  • If you only need Premiere Pro, subscribe only to the single program: *CLICK*
  • If you need Premiere & After Effects, it is cheaper to subscribe to all Adobe applications instead of both programs separately. I personally have subscribed to all Adobe applications. The advantage is that you can use all Adobe applications (Photoshop and Lightroom are also included in the package) and get 100GB cloud storage.
    Click here for the complete Adobe package: *CLICK*

Price tips

Students as well as teachers receive especially favorable conditions. Up to 70% cheaper than the normal price! Therefore, make sure (if possible) that you purchase such a license!

Click here for the Adobe Creative Cloud offer for students: *CLICK*

There are also special offers at Adobe (e.g. BlackFriday promotion) where the price is reduced again significantly. For example, I took advantage of a promotion and paid 75% less than the normal price for 1 year. 

I will update the page regularly to inform you about such special offers. So check back regularly!

Of course there are also free solutions:

DaVinci Resolve – free

If you are looking for a free software solution for video editing, you will always come across DaVinci Resolve. DaVinci Resolve is a professional video editing program that is already well established in the market. Numerous users rave about the software and the video editing possibilities it offers. I have to be honest, I haven't worked with DaVinci Resolve myself yet, but I know some users personally who use the program enthusiastically. So if you're new to filmmaking/video editing and don't want to spend any money yet, I highly recommend DaVinci Resolve.

Here you can go to the website where you can download DaVinci Resolve for free: LINK

Also 360 video editing possible

With Reactor and KartaVR you are able to easily reframe your 360 video in DaVinci Resolve. Here is a very useful tutorial, which explains step by step how to install and reframe 360 videos in DaVinci Resolve.

Unfortunately there is one big disadvantage. The free DaVinci Resolve version, only allows you to import & export a max. resolution of 4k. 4k sounds like enough in the first moment, but you have to consider, that “only” a 4k resolution if available for the entire recorded 360 video.

Most of the consumer 360 cameras are recording in 5,7K, 8K or even higher and this will increase in the future. When you reframe or playback the 360 video, only a small certain part is shown. As an example, imagine that 6K resolution is available for the entire 360 degree spherical space. But if only the front part of the room, say 1/6 of the area, is visible to the viewer, he will see only 1/6 of the full resolution. (1/6 of 6k = 1k) With a classic 16:9 ratio, these were only 960 x 540 pixels. So the higher the 360 video resolution, the better the quality of the 360 video. 4k for the entire 360 video, is therefore not much.

But there is a simple solution for this problem. When you purchase DaVinci Resolve Studio, you are not limited with the resolution. Plus you additionally get a lot of useful features.

+ Free in the standard version
360-video reframing & 360 VR video editing possible

- limited with the resolution in the standard version


Click here to purchase the DaVinci Resolve Studio Software*

If you are specifically interested in 360-video video editing software, check this Gimbal Guru article: LINK

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