Insta360 X3 Invisible Dive Case | Best underwater camera 2023

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The Insta360 X3* in combination with the Invisible Dive Case* is the best underwater camera 2023 for diving and snorkeling. This set allows you to record breathtaking underwater footage which is impossible to capture with a normal action camera. Here is a preview of Shots that can be created with the Insta360 X3 and the Invisible Dive Case:

Insta360 X3 Invisible Dive Case | Best underwater camera 2023

The Insta360 X3 in combination with the Invisible dive case is the best underwater camera for diving and snorkeling.

For me, the Invisible Dive Case is clearly the best accessory for the Insta360 X3. If you are going snorkeling, diving or on vacation in the near future, this is set is a must-have for creators.

These are the reasons why the combination: “Insta360 X3 + invisible dive case” is the best underwater camera kit.

360° Video: Never miss a moment

Because the Insta360 X3 is a 360-camera, it always records everything around you. This makes it impossible to miss a moment. Whether under, above, beside or in front of you, you always have everything on videio. Especially for underwater shots, this can be extremely helpful, since underwater animals sometimes move very quickly and not in a straight line.
In post-processing, you can either watch the 360 videos manually with a VR video player and move freely in the room, or you can reframe the footage and select the most interesting areas. Here you have complete flexibility. You define all the movements and perspectives.

Perfect stabilization: No shaky Shots

Most of the time you are busy diving underwater and often people forget to guide the camera smoothly. The Insta360 X3 has no problem here thanks to the flowstate stabilization. It doesn't matter if you shake the camera, rotate it or make fast movements. The flowstate stabilization always delivers perfectly stabilized images. Stabilization is extremely important but is often underestimated, especially for underwater Shots. A must for high quality Shots!

Invisible Dive Case

The real value provides the invisible dive case. It was designed so that the case and the selfie stick are not visible in the video. This genius technology allows you to create these stunning underwater shots. You can film yourself snorkeling and it looks like you have a companion with you. This allows you to capture breathtaking footage of your diving partner, turtles, dolphins, simply the whole underwater world.

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