Insta360 X3 | VR 360 video footage

12:50 PM

In this VR test I show you a VR (virtual reality) 360-video, recorded with the Insta360 X3*. This VR 360 video shows you some test footage created with the X3. The Insta360 X3* records 360-videos in 5.7k (5760 x 2880). I upscaled it to 8k and uploaded it on Youtube!

The Insta360 X3* is a consumer action camera that is not primarily known for creating VR videos. But the results are certainly impressive. Whether you want to create the Insta360 X3* for virtual room tours or VR video for VR glasses such as the Apple Vision Pro*. The Insta360 X3* makes this possible for an affordable price.

The 8K upsacling was created with Topaz Video AI. This makes the recordings even sharper. Try it out for yourself!

* = Affiliate Link

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