9 powerful Insta360 X4 tricks & ideas

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The Insta360 X4 is finally here and believe me, it will set a new milestone in the world of 360-action cameras. With the highest resolution ever, the Insta360 X4 sets new standards with 8K/ 30fps crystal clear 360-video recording! High frame rates from 60fps up to 240fps, 72MP 360-photos, 11K timelapse, improved reframing options and so much more, make the Insta360 X4 by far the best 360-action camera currently available on the market.
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Check out 9 powerful Insta360 X4 ideas VIDEO, where you see the full function range & power of the X4:

“Next Level” 360-Shots

The first idea are “Next Level” 360-Shots. This is a demonstration, why the Insta360 X4 is the most powerful 360-action camera on the market. In my opinion, the most impressive feature of the X4 is the ability to record 360 videos in a 8K resolution with 30fps.
This gives you approx. 80% more pixels than the Insta360 X3, which is clearly recognizable in the image quality. All the 360-camera advantages, such as perfect flowstate image stabilization, the possibility of creative reframing and the invisible selfie stick, combined with an ultra-sharp, clear image make the Insta360 X4 the most powerful 360-action camera available today!

Splash Transition

Idea number two is the Splash transition. Of course, the Insta360 X4 is waterproof even without a underwater-case. So, it is not a problem if the camera gets splashed or wet. Even diving the X4 under water is no problem.
To create the splash transition, create a first Shot where water is splashed onto the X4. Do the same in a second shot but a different location. Import the clips in Insta360 Studio and reframe both videos with the natural view mode. Then create a new project and drag both Shots into the timeline.

 In addition to the release of the Insta360 X4, Insta360 Studio 5 was introduced, which includes massive improvements and new functions. One of the biggest innovations is the possibility to edit multiple videos in one timeline now. Set the cut exactly where the water hits the lens. The second shot starts, were water splashes hitting the lens. When you playback the sequence, you will see the finished splash transition. Very simple but a creative way to use your X4.

Ultra- Wide angle Shot

Idea number 3 is the ultra- wide angle Shot. Have you ever been to a place where the surroundings & landscape was breathtaking? You wanted to record this place with your camera, but you were unable to do it because it was not possible to capture the atmosphere the way it has felt and in the end the shot doesn't look the way you want it to?
From now on, this is no longer a problem, thanks to ultra-wide angle shots. Here the 360-video footage of the X4 is reframed, so that almost the entire surrounding is packed into the frame.

To do this, open your 360-recording in Insta360 Studio and select the "Tiny Planet" option. In the Tiny Planet reframing mode, the "Tilt Angle" is automatically set to 90°. To get an ultra wide angle shot, change the "tilt angle" to 0. As the tilt axis is now exactly horizontal, the image looks more natural than the tiny planet option and you still have almost the entire landscape in one image. It's that easy!
And here is a additional Gimbal Guru tip:
Set a "Natural View" keyframe at the beginning of your shot. This way you reveal the surroundings by zooming out and at the end you get the full result with an ultra-wide angle perspetive. A simple but impressive way to unleash the creative possibility of your Insta360 X4.

SloMo Pet Shots

Idea number 4 are SloMo Pet Shots. The X4 has not only been updated in terms of resolution, higher frame rates are now also possible. For example, you can now record 5.7K 360 videos with 60fps or 4K 360-videos with 100fps. One creative use of these SloMo 360-videos are low-ground pet recordings.
Simply select 4K/ 100fps in the standard video mode and guide your Insta360 X4 just above the ground and let your dog or cat run along. The flowstate stabilisation and horizon lock guarantees perfectly stabilized recordings. You have the full creative scope in post by reframing unique perspectives the way you like. Try it out yourself, it's very easy and the results are impressive!

Landscape Switch

Idea number 5 is the “landscape switch”. It is a creative way to present different locations & viewpoints. Thanks to the Invisible Selfie Stick, it looks like a mini drone is always spinning around you. To achieve the "landscape switch effect", record several 360-videos at different places with the selfie stick fully extended and slowly rotate in one direction.

For the best quality I recommend you to capture the 360-videos in 8K 30fps! Do this at different locations and then import the Shots into Insta360 Studio. Reframe the individual Shots so that you are always in the center of the picture. Now you have your raw footage which still needs to be optimized with speed ramps and motion blur for a seamless "landscape switch effect". For this I use Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. In Premiere Pro I create the speed ramps at the beginning and end of the individual Shots. For a natural looking seamless transition, I recommend you to add “Motion Blur”. For this I used the “Pixel Motion Blur” in After Effects. The result is a nice looking seamless “landscape switch” effect. Try it out for yourself and fascinate your viewers!

“Next level” bullet time Shots

Idea number 6 are “Next level” bullet time Shots. The bullet time mode also received a major update in terms of frame rate and resolution. This means the Insta360 X4 can now create bullet time shots with 5.7K/ 120fps and 3K/ 240fps.
For the best results, I recommend you setting it to 5.7K/ 120fps and using your Insta360 X4 in combination with the Bullet time bundle. Included in the bundle is the "bullet time" handle, where you can screw on the invisible selfie stick. You can then pull it out and let the X4 rotate over your head.
In my opinion, bullet time sequences look most impressive when you throw something in the air. The high image quality in combination with the SloMo framerate results in impressive, unique Shots.

Ground Pull Transition

Idea Number 7 is the ground Pull Transition. Mount your Insta360 X4 on the selfie stick and extend it. At the beginning, guide the Insta360 X4 just above the ground and then pull up. Stay up for a short time and then move it down again. You perform a kind of a wave movement. Do this in different environments.
In Insta360 Studio reframe the first video with a natural view. As soon as the X4 moves lower set a keyframe and rotate the perspective by 90° and change the perspective in the direction of the ground. In the second clip you start with the perspective facing downwards, when you pull up the Insta360 X4, rotate the image by 90° using keyframes.
Then create a new Project in Insta360 Studio and Import both clips into the timeline. Start with the first clip and set a cut when the perspective is directed to the ground. The second clip starts there. And this is the final “ground Pull” transition! Of course this transition can be optimized again with speed ramps and motion blur.

Catch Transition

Idea number 8 is the catch transition. This trick is very easy. Simply put your Insta360 X4 in your mouth and pick up an object. Then throw it into the air and catch it again. Do exactly the same in different locations. In Insta360 Studio, reframe the shot so that the object is always in the centre of the picture.
Here's a Gimbal Guru tip: Display the grid lines in Insta360 Studio!
Reframe all the recordings and then import them into one timeline. Set a cut exactly where you catch the object. Then continue with the next Clip. Very easy but creative!

Me- Mode SloMo Run

Idea number 9 is the Me-Mode SloMo Run. The “Me-Mode” on the Insta360 X4 has also received a huge improvement. Now you can record 4K 30fps or 2.7K recordings with up to 120fps. The 120fps are especially interesting for super slow motion shots. Simply turn on "Me Mode" on your X4, extend the selfie stick and start running.
Trust me, everything looks cool in slow motion. No matter if you're running, jumping, throwing something or moving through something. "Me-Mode" Super SloMo shots with the Insta360 X4 are awesome. Try it out for yourself and create your own Super Slow Motion Shots.

And these were my nine powerful Insta360 X4 ideas! You can try out all these creative tricks for yourself. So get the Insta360 X4 now in the Gimbal Guru Deal and benefit from free accessories. In addition, you support my channel and work!

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