Insta360 ONE X2 vs ONE R | video quality comparison

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In this Gimbal Guru post I compare the video quality of the Insta360 ONE X2 and the Insta360 ONE R and determine which delivers the better results.

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Check out the full video on Youtube:

In order to create a fair comparison, I made the following settings:

  • On the ONE R I used the 360 module
  • I installed the latest firmware on both cameras 
  • I set the resolutions to 5.7K @ 30fps 
  • And I Set the video codec to H.265 

All the comparison videos you see now, are taken RAW out of the Cameras. I have not made any color adjustments or sharpening. I just used the Reframe Plugin in Adobe Premiere to display defined sections of the recorded 360 videos.

The first Shot is a standard video, where I walked slowly forward. You can notice a slight difference in the colors:
Here is another short walking scene in the woods. The green areas show, that the ONE X2 is giving you stronger colors:
This Shot is another good example for the color comparison. Both cameras deliver good results, but they are slightly different:
In this Shot I zoomed in 150% to take a closer look. The Insta360 ONE X2 video provides a little more details than the ONE R video:
This is clearly visible in this comparison, here I zoomed in 200% to see the details. In particular, this can be seen, when you look at the stones:
To compare this again, I zoomed into the distance. Here you can clearly see the ONE X2 delivers a sharper image:
This comparison shows a split screen:
Here is another split screen comparison, but this time in poor lighting conditions. By zooming in 300% you can clearly see some image noise:
The last Shot is a Video Codec comparison. These conditions are pretty bad, for recording. Low light, a complex environment and fast movements. But I think both cameras are handling it quite well. (look it up in the video)

In summary the Insta360 ONE X2 provides a slightly better image than the Insta360 ONE R. But you really have to emphasize the word “slightly”. Both models are great 360 cameras, and I can highly recommend them!

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