Insta360 community forum #ProTipChallenge WINNER

12:53 PM

It’s awesome! I have won the Insta360 #ProTipChallenge in the Insta360 Community Forum. And if that wasn't enough, I also took second place. I want to express my thanks to all supporters and decided to give something back!

What is the Insta360 #ProTipChallenge?

Insta360 asked community users to share their tips and experiences, to help creators develop their skills. The goal is to motivate Insta360 camera users to enjoy and have fun playing with their Insta360 cameras. The requirements are very simple: Share your best Insta360 camera operation tips, Insta360 app editing tips, video/ photo post-production tips or general knowledge about shooting 360 content. All participants got the chance to win a $200 Insta360 store voucher and get their tips promoted on the Insta360 platform. 2000 “Insta360 Gold” and exposure and recognition on Insta360 platforms was the second price.
Check out the details here: Insta360 #ProTipChallenge

Gimbal Guru submissions

A friend of mine drew my attention to the Insta360 #ProTipChallenge and I decided to publish my “21 creative Insta360 ONE X2/ ONE R video tricks & ideas for 2021” video in the community forum and take part at the challenge. Also I posted my “5 CREATIVE INSTA360 ONE R SHOTS” video.



Insta360 Community Forum

I received very good feedback from the Insta360 Community Forum users on both posts. I really enjoyed discussing and sharing tips with other insta360 camera users. Also, I have found interesting posts, which have brought me to new creative 360 video ideas. I can only recommend you to become an active member in the Insta360 community forum. Many users are waiting to see your videos!
If you want to follow me in the Insta360 community forum, here is the link to my profile.

Winners Announcement

To be honest, I had already almost forgotten about the #ProTipChallenge. But then I received an email from Insta360, that I was one of the winners. Of course, I was very happy about that. As the winner I received a $200 insta360 store voucher. Also, I won the second place! The reward was “2000 Insta360 Gold” units. Insta360 Gold is a virtual good you can use to redeem accessories or coupons at the Insta360 Gold Store.

Insta360 also offered me to share my content on their platforms to inspire more people. They are going to add my tips in the Insta360 app “tricks section”. If you see my footage in the Insta360 app, please remember me. Now you know how it came to this.

Give something back

I am of course extremely grateful that I have come so far through all your support. Therefore, I would like to give something back. I regularly exchange my Insta360 Gold into Insta360 store coupons. I get coupon codes, which I provide for free. If I want to buy you a new Insta360 camera, be sure to check the link and get an Insta360 coupon code. You can save up to $30!

Additionally, I have planned more specials for my Youtube subscribers. There will be giveaways where you can win Insta360 cameras, accessories and much more! So be sure to subscribe to my Gimbal Guru YouTube channel and stay tuned!

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