Insta360 GO 2 HACK | Adjust & reframe your POV Shots

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In this post I show you, how you can adjust & reframe your Insta360 GO 2* POV Shots, to get the best-looking result. Don’t miss this hack, it will significantly improve your Insta360 GO 2* videos.

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Maybe you are familiar with this situation. You want to record a cool POV Shot with your Insta360 GO 2. After you finished the Shot and watch the video and you’re disappointed with the result, because the video is not framed correctly. For example, it can happen that the camera angle is tilted too far down and you only see the ground, or the camera angle is too far up and the lower part of the Shot is no longer visible.

But this problem can be easily solved, because in the Insta360 App you are able to reframe your videos. Just long press on the video and change the perspective. Additionally, you’re able to change the rotation. If you only set one keyframe, the image section chances statically. If you set several keyframes you are able to change the perspective dynamically. This Insta360 GO 2 reframing hack is very simple but powerful!
Here are some extra tips:

  • The reframing works only in the “PRO video” mode! So make sure that you always record your videos in the pro video mode!
  • Make sure that you don’t change the perspective too far, because the area is limited. If you shift the image section too far, the edges of the video become visible.
  • I would recommend you to use the FOV Option “linear” or “narrow”. These are the best settings to reframe the video, because the edges are stretched out and you have a wide field of view for reframing.
  • Insta360 Studio also allows you to reframe the video. But there you can only tilt up or down the image section statically. You don’t have the possibility to set keyframes for dynamic reframing movements.

Overall, I’m impressed by this Insta360 GO 2 Reframing Trick. This Insta360 GO 2 Reframing Hack is great to massively improve your videos, with very little effort. The longer I use the Insta360 GO 2, the more it excites me with all its functions and features.

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