Insta360 lens scratch repair | How to fix it!

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It can happen so quickly! You’re creating awesome videos with your Insta360 camera* and suddenly the lens hits something and you scratched it. Keep calm! In this article I show you, how to repair a scratched 360-camera lens.

To fix it, the following repairing tools are required:

Check out the full "Insta360 lens scratch repair" tutorial here:

Attention! This method only works, if you have scratches in the lens. If the lens is cracked, read the end of the post, there I have a tip for you!

360-cameras have many advantages. Unfortunately, the lenses are a disadvantage. To record 360-degree video, the lenses must be detached from the camera body. This causes the lenses to be damaged more easily.
In this example the Insta360 ONE X2* lens has grazed the wall. The results are, scratches on both lens sides.
The scratches can be clearly seen. The scratches are noticeable through blurry points, or dark shades if you record a 360-video. This is very annoying for the viewer, so we are going to remove it!

To fix this, we need the following repairing tools:

The first step is to tape off everything, except the damaged areas on the lens.
Then mount the polishing tool on the Dremel. I would recommend you to use a very soft one!
In the next step, mix the polishing powder with water to create a polishing paste. The less water you use, the “stronger” the polishing power gets. Don’t worry, you can’t do something wrong here, because the polishing powder is very fine.
Now put the polishing paste on the lens and start polishing. Rather use low speed, otherwise no polish paste will remain on the lens. Try to polish the lens evenly with very light pressure. And do not be impatient, the whole process takes some time before you see results.
After a few minutes, improvements are already visible.

After 5-10 minutes:
If you polish thoroughly, you will be able to remove all scratches completely, as you can see here:
Even in the recorded 360 video you can clearly see that the scratches are no longer visible.
So try it yourself and repair your screatches in your Insta360 camera lens! All links for the reparing tools you find here:

Amazon US:
Amazon DE:
If you want to protect your Insta360 ONE X2* lenses in the future, check out the lens guards*

If the scratches are too deep or the lens is broken, it will be difficult to repair it. If you are going to buy a new Insta360 camera, I can support you with an Insta360 coupon code. You can save up to $30! Check out the link: INSTA360 COUPON CODE
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