5 unique Gimbal Transitions & Movements

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Hello and welcome to a new Gimbal Guru article. In this post, I show you 5 unique Gimbal Movements and Transitions, which you can create easily with your Gimbal.

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1. FPV Gimbal Movement & Transition

The first one is the FPV Gimbal movement. This Gimbal movement looks like, you flying a FPV Drone. The dynamic camera shot creates a very unique perspective for the viewer. You can easily create this effect, by setting your Gimbal on the POV Mode. The POV Mode unlocks every Gimbal axis and the camera is following your movement. You achieve the best results, if you move fast forward and at the same time you move left and right with the roll axis. If you want to combine the FPV Gimbal movement into a transition, I recommend you to tilt up the camera in the first, and tilt it down in the second Shot. By blending the two sequences together, you get a nice FPV Gimbal transition.

2. Locked ON - Spin Gimbal Transition

The second transition is the Locked On – Spin Gimbal transition. For this Shot, again use the POV Mode on the Gimbal. You follow the movement of an object. In this example I followed the roll movement of the persons hand in the frame. This Gimbal Movement creates again a very unique motion for the viewer. It’s very simple to achieve a transition, when you film two sequences in different locations. By flipping the second Shot horizontally, you get a nice continuous roll transition. If you add motion blur in post- production you achieve a smooth Locked On – Spin Gimbal Transition.

3. Run- By Location Change Gimbal Transition

The third Gimbal Transition idea is the Run- By Location Change Gimbal Transition. This one is very simple. Activate the Lock Mode on your Gimbal. The Lock Mode, as the name suggests, locks every Gimbal axis. Now you can run even in rough terrain and the gimbal stabilizes your video footage. To create the run-by location changing transition, the person in the video has to pass an object. The gimbal and camera operator also passes the object in near distance. You do the same in a different location and mask the two Shots together. This passing by transition is very common, but also very impressive at the same time.

4. Follow-Object Transition

The next Gimbal Transition is the Follow-Object Transition. For this one I suggest you to use the GO or Sport Mode on your Gimbal. This Mode enables very fast Gimbal movements, which is perfect for the Follow- Object movement. The idea behind this transition is very simple. You follow the movement of an object in your frame, do the same in a different location and blend the two Shots together. It’s very important that you try to keep the moving object in the same location of your video. This is nearly impossible so you have to fine tune it in post-production.

4. Gimbal Hyperlapse

The last Gimbal Movement is more a kind of demonstration of the creative possibilities which a gimbal offers you. You easily can create hyperlapses by setting your gimbal mode to Locked. Now the Gimbal locks the camera direction and you can walk forward, without having to fear that the alignment of your camera is changing. If you speed up your video in post- production you get a nice hyperlapse video.

Those were my 5 unique Gimbal Transitions and Movements which you can easily try out yourself!

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